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    Oral Suspension

    The Oral Suspension is functional as a prescription medicine that is recommended to treat the symptoms of fungal infections. It can be taken alone or with other combination. This medicine is taken through mouth.

    Pharmaceutical Ointment and Cream

    The Pharmaceutical Gels are used to relieve the joint pain caused by arthritis. These are functional as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, utilized to treat chronic condition. They are topically applied on the skin to relive pain.

    Pcd Franchise

    We are working as a Pcd Franchise which has gained a permission granted by the pharma company. We as an establishment can carry out all commercial activities very well.

    Multivitamin  Tablets and Capsules

    Multivitamins tablets are not meant to taken through the diet. These can treat the vitamin deficiencies grounded by illness, digestive disorders, pregnancy, poor nutrition, and other such conditions.

    Pharmaceutical Injection

    The Pharmaceutical Injections are utilized to administer the medication as a bolus. They are suited for the continuous drug administration and make long-lasting curative effects. They can be administered through veins.